Question: What information do I need to put into UltraViolet's deposit form?


In our deposit form, we ask you to describe both yourself and the work you are depositing, so others can find you and your work as quickly as possible.

The following questions are mandatory when depositing your work in UltraViolet:

  • What is the title of this deposit?
  • What is your ORCID?
  • What type of materials are you depositing? (choice of 14 options)
  • Please provide a brief description or abstract for the materials you are depositing.
  • What license would you like to apply to this deposit? (choice of 11 & 'other')
  • Are the materials you are depositing associated with a grant award? (yes/no)
  • Are there co-authors or other contributors you would like to list on this deposit? (yes/no)
    • The name(s), affiliation(s), and role(s) of the co-authors/contributors
  • Does your deposit exceed 100 files and/or 50 GB per file? (yes/no)

The following questions are optional but recommended when depositing your work in UltraViolet:

  • Please provide links to any related work to this deposit (e.g. documentation, articles).
  • Have these materials been published elsewhere already? (yes/no)
    • If yes, what is the link to the materials published elsewhere?
    • If yes, what is the date that these materials were published?
  • If the work was funded by a grant award, please provide the funder, award title, award number, and URL to the funded proposal
  • The ORCID of co-authors/contributors, if any

Answered By: Vicky Rampin
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