Question: What does the curation process look like for deposits to UltraViolet?


When you submit materials for publication in UltraViolet, the service team will assess the submitted materials and metadata to ensure they meet the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) standard. At a minimum, the service team must ensure that all project files are present and that all required metadata fields have been completed. Additionally, the service team checks to make sure materials are adequately documented so that in the future, someone interested in your work can use and understand your materials. For example, for a code deposit, the service team will make sure there is a README that explains the code’s purpose and how it can be run. For a data deposit, the team might make sure that all columns in a spreadsheet have clear and comprehensible labels, or a data dictionary that describes all fields. The service team may also modify the metadata you submitted to ensure it is thorough and descriptive. The service team employs the CURATE(D) model created by the Data Curation Network.

After reviewing the deposit, the curation team will respond to your submission to review changes they have made with you, and may request that you make some additional clarifications or changes prior to publication. Once this process is complete, your work will be published. 

Answered By: Talya Cooper
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