Question: Where do I find credit and/or bond ratings for a company?


Refer to the NYU Business Library Company/Financial page and consult these recommended databases: 

Mergent BondViewer: includes Fitch, Moody's and S&P ratings for individual bond issues on the synopsis page for the bond.

S&P NetAdvantage: Credit Ratings are available by typing a company name in the search box. In the left tool bar of the results, select credit ratings. 

Use Bloomberg (see Bloomberg Guide).

  • Type the ticker symbol of the company you want, hit the yellow <CORP> key, then type CRPR and hit . Bonds are listed by Bloomberg composite ratings.
  • To access ratings from Fitch, Moody's or Standard & Poor's on the terminal, type the ticker symbol, hit the F8 Equity key, type CRPR, and hit the green <Go> key. e.g. Pepsico: PEP< EQUITY> CRPR < GO >
  • To access ratings on a specific bond, type ticker, F3 Corp button, hit <GO>, select a bond listed, type DES in the command line, and hit <GO>
  • Bloomberg also offers its own proprietary rating which can be found using the DRSK function. For Pepsico: PEP < EQUITY > DRSK < GO >.

Library Bloomberg terminals are located in Bobst Library on the 5th floor Research Commons.

Answered By: Business Librarians
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