Question: Why have I received a notice about pending replacement fees for lost items?


Why are these items considered lost?

When a loan is overdue for sufficiently long period of time, it is automatically updated as "lost." You should have received multiple email reminders that these loans were about to become due or that they were overdue, both before and after their due date. Once an item is marked as "lost" no further notices are sent unless a replacement fee has been assessed.

Why wasn’t I charged previously?
Replacement fees for lost materials in the main NYU Bobst and offsite collections were temporarily suspended during the initial phases of reopening the libraries during the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that you had not yet been charged the standard, per-item replacement fee of $125 for some items that went overdue during this period. Unless these items are returned, the standard replacement fee of $125 per item will be charged on March 31, 2022

I thought I returned these– what should I do next?
Please take stock of the books in your possession and confirm what you have before you contact the library. You may also want to check with anyone with whom you’ve shared living quarters, study or office space, or storage since early 2020, in case books were left behind somewhere to which you do not currently have access.

If you believe that you definitely returned specific items and are concerned that they may have been re-shelved without getting checked in off your account, you may contact 

It will help us if you can identify the title and the barcode of the item(s) in question, as well as any details about where and when you made the return. But again, we ask that you double-check what you have in your possession before you reach out to us. Most items that are claimed as returned turn out to be still in the homes and offices of the users who borrowed them.


Can I just renew these books?

Unfortunately, the time during which they can be renewed online has passed. You are welcome to bring them to the circulation desk during open hours to be checked in. As long as your outstanding fees are resolved, you can check the books out again.


I see that some of the books out to me are InterLibrary Loans or EZ Borrows. What should I do?

Bring them back. In fact, it’s especially important that you do so-- these books belong to other libraries.

Try to make sure sure that the blue or purple book bands that were on the book when you borrowed it are in place when you return them. If these are missing it can be harder to clear the loan from your account. If the bands are missing, you can reach out to for further guidance or bring it to the circulation desk during open hours to let a staff member know it is an ILL book still on loan to your account.


It’s April and I’ve been charged the replacement fee– what should I do next?

Bring the books back! 

We'll be happy to clear the replacement fees from your account as soon as the books are returned. 

You can also contact in cases of hardship or special circumstances, and we will work out a plan with you.

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