Question: I am receiving an error code in the Bloomberg Excel API. What does it mean?


The following error messages indicate that downloading via the Excel API is disabled:

  • #N/A Authorization
  • #N/A Limit
  • #N/A Mth Lmt
  • #N/A Unknown

Please report this issue by emailing the Business Library via our support form.

To view support documentation for all other error codes:

  • In Excel:
    • In the Bloomberg ribbon tab click Help.
    • In the amber "Search DAPI Help" box, search for: error message codes
  • In the Bloomberg software: Copy and paste the following into the command line and hit <GO>/Enter: LPHP DAPI:0:1 1489652

Bloomberg error codes:

Descriptions of the error messages follow. Please consult the terminal's support documentation using the above steps to learn more about possible causes and solutions, and for the most up-to-date list.

  • #N/A Authorization - The #N/A Authorization error occurs because you or your Bloomberg terminal are not authorized to download the data using the Bloomberg API.
  • #N/A Array Size Limit - The #N/A Array Size Limit error occurs because the size of the array imported to your spreadsheet exceeds Excel's displayable limit. During array generation, data results are returned in a single string.
  • #N/A Calculating - For BInterpol formulas, the #N/A Calculating indicates the formula is calculating the value.
  • #N/A CNV - The #N/A CNV error message is a momentary error code that occurs when a sheet created in one API version is opened in a different version (e.g. v2 API sheet opened in v3 API or vice-versa).
  • #N/A Connection - The #N/A Connection error occurs because the connection between bbcomm.exe and the dotnet API data provider has been interrupted.
  • #N/A End Date - The #N/A End Date error occurs because there is a problem with the end date parameter that is specified in the formula.
  • #N/A Error Setting Target Range - For BQR formulas, the #N/A Error Setting Target Range indicates Bloomberg is unable to create the array.
  • #N/A Field Not Applicable - The #N/A Field Not Applicable error occurs because the data field used in the formula is not applicable for the specified security.
  • #N/A Invalid Field - The #N/A Invalid Field error occurs because the data field mnemonic was not recognized.
  • #N/A Invalid Hash - For BQR formulas, #N/A Invalid Hash indicates Bloomberg detected a tampered/invalid hash.
  • #N/A Invalid Input - For BQR formulas, #N/A Invalid Input indicates invalid parameters are included in the BQR formula.
  • #N/A Invalid Parameter - The #N/A Invalid Parameter error occurs because there is a problem with one or more of the parameters in the formula.
  • #N/A Invalid Query - For BQR formulas, #N/A Invalid Query indicates the generated sql is not recognized by sqlite.
  • #N/A Invalid Request - For BQR formulas, #N/A Invalid Request indicates the request to API for historical data failed.
  • #N/A Invalid Screen Name - #N/A Invalid Screen Name indicates the screen name is not valid.
  • #N/A Invalid Security - The #N/A Invalid Security error occurs because the security in the formula was not recognized as a valid Bloomberg security.
  • #N/A Missing Value - For BInterpol formulas, #N/A Missing Value indicates that there are missing X or Y values in the formula.
  • #N/A N/A - The #N/A N/A error occurs because data is not available for the data field or date specified in the formula.
  • #N/A No Data - For BQR formulas, #N/A No Data indicates there is no data available for the security.
  • #N/A Out of Bounds - For BInterpol formulas, #N/A Out of Bounds indicates the interpolation point is outside the boundaries of the set of X values and the Extrapolate parameter is not included in the formula.
  • #N/A QSP Privilege - The #N/A QSP Privilege occurs because you do not have permission to download certain data.
  • #N/A Real Time - The #N/A Real Time error occurs because realtime data is not available for the selected security.
  • #N/A Refresh Failed - #N/A Refresh Failed indicates the data field used in a formula is a static field that is supposed to automatically refresh and the refresh did not occur.
  • #N/A Refresh Pending - #N/A Refresh Pending indicates the data field is a static field that is supposed to automatically refresh. If the Bloomberg server does not have data, this error message appears and the field will attempt an automatic refresh a few seconds later.
  • #N/A Repeat - For BInterpol formulas, #N/A Repeat indicates there are repeated X values within the formula.
  • #N/A Requesting Data - The #N/A Requesting Data message is the initial value that is placed in a cell when the formula (BDP, BDH, and BDS) first attempts to import data. This message may remain if no value is returned by the dotnet API data provider or if there is a problem with placing the data value into the Excel cell.
  • #N/A Review (Capacity) - Bloomberg caps data requested via the API to prevent strain on the system. The following error messages appear in Microsoft Excel when your usage exceeds daily or real-time thresholds or otherwise requires review.
  • #N/A Sort - For BInterpol formulas, #N/A Sort indicates the X values in the formula are not sorted.
  • #N/A Start Date - The #N/A Start Date error occurs because there is a problem with the start date parameter that is specified in the formula.
  • #N/A Syntax Not Supported - #N/A Syntax Not Supported indicates the use of a Bloomberg formula as an embedded argument in a formula may not be supported - for example, using a BDH formula (which would return a multi-cell result) as an argument in an "IF" formula statement for comparison purposes.
  • #N/A Terminated - #N/A Terminated indicates the subscription has been terminated by the BDP, BPGE, BTP, or BRB formula.
  • #N/A Time Out - The #N/A Time Out error occurs because a subscription request for a data field has timed out.
  • #N/A Unclassified - #N/A Unclassified indicates an error with no known Excel classification has occurred.
  • #N/A Unknown - The #N/A Unknown error occurs because data retrieval has failed and no other errors apply. The data provider has received a new Bloomberg error code that it is not able to process correctly. A fatal error has occurred in the RTD data infrastructure during data subscription or when a data tick is processed.
  • #N/A Unknown Error - For BQR formulas, #N/A Unknown Error indicates an unrecoverable error has occurred.
  • #N/A Unsupported Excel Version - For BQR formulas, #N/A Unsupported Excel Version indicates an unsupported version of Excel is being used.
  • #NAME? - The #NAME? error occurs because Excel does not recognize the specified formula.
  • #REF! - #REF indicates an invalid link is referenced in the formula.
  • BPUB/BPUBA & BPUP Codes - The following are possible codes that may appear when you enter new BPUB/BPUBA or BPUP formulas onto your spreadsheet or refresh existing ones: #N/A Published Data - N Succeeded, N Failed; #N/A Publishing Data; #N/A Publish Failed; #N/A Resolving...; #N/A Resolution Succeeded; #N/A Creating Topic...; #N/A Topic Creation Failed;
  • VBA Errors - You may receive a pop-up window with a VBA error message.

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