Question: How do I start searching after I’ve selected a database?


It depends on the circumstances. Here are two different scenarios:

Option 1:  Search across a set of databases (using a metasearch tool)

  • Good choice for: Searching broadly to get an overall idea of what’s available. (The downside is that the metasearch tool has only rudimentary search functionality.)

  • How to do it: Select a category (for example, click the “Art” link) and enter your keywords in the search box at the top of the page. This searches across all of the check-marked databases on this page.

Option 2:  Search an individual database (using its native interface)

  • Good choice for:  Specific, advanced, flexible searching

  • How to do it: Select a category (for example, click the “Art” link) then click directly on a database name (for example, click the “Art Full Text” link) to launch the database. Enter your keywords.

Answered By: NYU Libraries
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