Question: Where do I find info about energy, including prices and production?


Energy resources are sources of energy producing substances.   Energy resources are both renewable and non-renewable.   

Go to the Business Library's Economic and Statistical Information section for links to useful resources including links to the following suggested resources. 

Bloomberg: Provides information on many different types of energy.  Below are a few suggestions.

BNEF - Bloomberg New Energy Finance
BMAP - Bloomberg Commodity Map
TOP NRG - Top Energy News
NI ALTNRG - Alternative Energy News
GLCO NRG - Global Commodity Prices: Energy
BI SOLR - Solar Energy Industry
BI WIND - Wind Energy Industry
BI BIOF - Biofuels Industry

Please note that Bloomberg is accessible in the Bobst Library.  To use this resource, stop by the 5th floor Research Commons.
Go to the NYU Guide, Bloomberg Guide, which has information on the basics for getting started as well as tips, tricks and shortcuts.  

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets: Provides current and historical data from the Energy Information Administration (DOE), including: coal, electricity, electric energy average price, international energy statistics, natural gas prices, natural gas, petroleum and other liquids, and state energy data system.

Go to the Business Library's Industry Information section for links to useful resources including links to the following suggested resources. 

IBIS World: Provides industry reports: collection of market research reports for over 700 U.S. industries and almost 60 global industries. Reports include key statistics, market segmentation, market characteristics, industry conditions, key factors, key competitors, industry performance, and outlook.

You may also want to consult the following website:

U.S. Energy Information Administration: EIA provides statistics on commodity prices & production/consumption, energy outlooks, global analysis. It encompasses domestic and international energy information.

International Energy Agency: IEA Provides international source for energy.  Includes pricing, consumption, production, supply and monthly statistical surveys on coal, oil, natural gas, and electricity.  


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