Question: Where can I find historical and current statistics on U.S. GDP?


Gross Domestic Product "GDP" is the total monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders during a specific time period. The U.S. government collects and compiles economic data through the Bureau of Labor Statistics "BLS". Once the data is organized, it is used by the Bureau of Economic Analysis "BEA" which is part of the Department of Commerce, to estimate the GDP and the national income.

Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis and click on the U.S. Economic Accounts, National, Gross Domestic Products.

Go to the Virtual Business Library's Economic and Statistical Information section for links to useful resources including a link to the following suggested resource.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets: Go to the Key Economic Indicators tab and choose GDP for current and historical data that can be refined by type of data and dates.

You may also want to review the Federal Reserve’s FRED Economic Data website which has a graph for both the real GDP and historical data.

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